Method - Data Science for Design
Internship Project
Spring 2019
3 Months
Data Visualisation
Data Science
Chatbot development
I joined Method at a the beginning of their "Data Science for Design" Initiative, exploring the intersection of Data and Design and the use of Data Science in the Design process. During my time at Method the main focus of this initiative was on the development of "Data Driven Archetypes". Following the successful use of archetypes derived from publically available social media and online review data for a previous client project, Method wanted to explore ways to generalise this process so it could be applied more broadly. This meant working to standardise the algorithmic process used to generate the archetypes as a self-service tool that could be used by designers across different projects. Coming from a Computer Science/Human-Computer Interaction background with some knowledge of data science, I worked closely with both data scientists to experiment with refining the process and with designers to design and prototype how users might interact with the tool. The final prototype I developed before the end of my internship was a slackbot which could be used by designers to gain quick insights into social media tastes and interests surrounding a "seed" account. For example, an analysis may be run using a client's instagram account as the seed to gather insights into their following. This served as an early prototype to give designers an opportunity to experiment with working with this type of tool and give feedback to inform future developments of the project.

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